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What are the benefits of a above ground pools

Safer For kids

Death by drowning is the second most common killer among children younger than 14 years and falling into pools can be a death sentence for those that don’t know how to swim. The above-ground pool is a bit harder to get into without a latter so it is pretty safe for small children to playing arounds so long as ladders have been removed. Even still, you should never leave your child unsupervised while near the above ground pool.

3. Cost Difference

Any other options for getting regular swimming and water play will be far more expensive. Even if you are fortunate enough to live by the coast, how often are you actually able to visit the seaside and enjoy your visit. Certainly not as often as you would enjoy the convenience of your above-ground pool. Furthermore, having your own inground pool installed can cost upwards of $15,000. But a top of the line equally large-sized above ground pool, with all the pumps, filters and cleaning equipment won’t cost a quarter of that price.

4. Install anywhere with no Preparation
If you want an in-ground pool installed you may be waiting for weeks or months before your dreams are realized, and who knows what will happen by then? On the other hand, your above-ground pool can be installed anywhere it fits. There is no need to dig dep, just prepare a smooth piece of land and set it up. The most complex above-ground pools won’t take more than an afternoon to setup and will be ready to swim shortly thereafter.

5. Mobility

If you rent a house, you probably don’t feel like investing heavily in a pool installation you can’t take with you. If you choose the above-ground pool option, you will be able to take your pool with you wherever you go. Above ground pools are made of different parts that can be carefully disassembled and relocated wherever needed.

6. Maintenance

Taking care of an in-ground pool requires plenty of time and attention, but the above ground sort are far easier to care for. Due to their smaller size it is easier to find a large amount of pool covers to preserve the cleanliness of the water within. Smaller pumps and filters are needed to keep the water clean and only mild vacuuming and skimming. If problems do occur with any of the above-ground components, the intermediate DIY expert will be able to address the issue without professional guidance. An In-ground pools will require professional service regularly and can be a real problem when issues begin to arise. Learn more at

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